The Prelude

Welcome to the electronic home of Anthony, Dan, Derek, Zach and I (Ted) for the next 3 months and beyond.  On December 28, 2010, we’re heading south to Santiago, Chile.  From there we’ll detour out to Valparaiso, Chile for New Year’s Eve, and then depart south toward Ushuaia, Argentina.  After exploring Patagonia to our hearts’ collective content, we’ll head back north to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  From there, only time will tell.  Please check back soon as we’ll be adding content regularly (I hope!).


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One Response to The Prelude

  1. Colleen O'Connell says:

    Hi Zach – I drove down to the Carraba’s parking lot to say goodbye, but alas, missed you since you were at the Filet 🙂 Hope you, Anthony, Ted, Derek and Dan have the time of your lives! Take care of yourselves. Adios! Love, Aunt Colleen

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