One month to go…

Hey party people,

As of today, we have one month to go before we head south. We’re all on the same flight out of JFK International Airport, leaving in the evening of Tuesday, December 28, 2010. We’re each preparing individually and hopefully we’ll be able to have one more in-person get together before leaving. It’s pretty amazing to be able to work out the logistics for a trip like this using shared documents, e-mail, text message and internet chatting in addition to phone calls and good old fashioned face time. I’m incredibly excited and it’s getting more and more real as the days fly by.

I finally picked out the camera I’m going to bring, which was a big decision for me. With the help of my folks, I’ve invested in a Canon PowerShot SX210 IS. I’m really excited about this camera because it’ll give me the ability to control shutter speed and aperture when I want to really get the most out of my pictures, but also has the ease and portability of a small “point-and-shoot” camera.

Now it all comes down to packing and re-packing my Surly Long Haul Trucker and Ortlieb pannier bags and setting up and breaking down my camp to get used to doing everything quickly and efficiently. As Zach mentioned, day to day morale can be heavily influenced by the ease with which it takes to get from packed to unpacked and vice versa.

As I mentioned in my bio (see the Who We Are tab above), I couldn’t have done this without immense support from my friends and colleagues at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. In return for their flexibility that has allowed me to take this time off and return to work when I’m back, I’m asking people to support BHCHP and the work the organization does every day. I spent a year as an AmeriCorps member (2008-9) working as a case manager with their Special Services team, and have been lucky enough to continue with the same team as a full-time case manager since then. They are very flexible in accepting donations and would make a great place for a symbolic charitable donation during the holiday season. Click here to donate to BHCHP.

So long for now,



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