Less than a week… and some Thank You’s

Hello again world,

We’re officially less than a week from departure and I know I can speak for the group in saying that I’m excited to the point of losing sleep. I’m going to miss people unspeakable amounts (here’s your shoutout, Erin) and it’s getting tough to juggle my excitement for the adventure with the growing separation anxiety. With that said, I’d like to thank the people in my life who have shown me incredible support leading up to this trip. This includes family, friends and coworkers, and I’d hate to start to list names for fear of leaving someone very deserving out… I even had a group of coworkers and friends sponsor some of the fees and costs of remaining in contact with everyone, so hopefully money won’t be the barrier toward keeping you all updated on our trip.

If anyone out there is still searching for the perfect gift for the loved one in their life, the family member you can’t quite decide what to get for, or the gift swap where you want to set yourself apart, I’d urge you to consider donating to a charitable organization as either a symbolic gesture in someone’s honor or simply as an act of kindness and generosity. For those that aren’t sure where to give, here are three organizations that members of our group have personally been touched by and can vouch for, and a link to where you can give your support:

Boston Health Care for the Homeless ProgramGive to BHCHP here
Champlain Valley Agency on AgingGive to CVAA here
Adaptive Sports Partners of the North CountryGive to ASPNC here
Bike Recycle Vermont Give to BRV here

For those who like to give in kind, let me recommend a very well-written book written by a great friend, fellow cyclist, and never-ending source of inspiration: “Who Says I Can’t?” by Jothy Rosenberg.

About Jothy:

I am an above knee amputee caused by osteosarcoma 38 years ago in 1973. Three years later the cancer metastasized and 2/5 of my lungs had to be removed. A course of chemotherapy — only just out in clinical use in 1976 — is probably why I am still here today. I went on to get a PhD in computer science, to author 3 technical books, to found 7 high tech companies, to ride in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge bike-a-thon supporting the Dana-Farber cancer institute 8 times, to swim 17 times from Alcatraz to San Francisco to support Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, and to participate in many other sports and fundraising activities. I speak at events, write this blog (and the book with the same name), to try to share what I learned in 38 years in the hope it accelerates that learning for those in a similar situation and perhaps motivates and inspires those just needing a little lift.

Jothy’s Blog
Buy “Who Says I Can’t?”
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of “Who Says I Can’t?” go to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Gracias y buena salud para todos.



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2 Responses to Less than a week… and some Thank You’s

  1. Kate says:

    Hi folks!

    Zach introduced me to your page and your plans a little while ago, so I plan on jumping on board with the rest of your followers. (Hope you don’t mind–not sure if Ted, Derek, and Dan remember me from Zach’s, Ted’s, and my senior year at St. Mike’s, but I fondly remember you boys. You were a bunch of peaches.) I know your date of departure looms but three? four? days ahead, so I just wanted to send out my best wishes for safe travels. I was so happy to catch up with Zach last month, and I’m looking forward to reading your stories and following your photos over the upcoming months!

    All the best,
    Kate L.

  2. Happy pedaling all. Dan, Burlington already misses you. Tenga un buen viaje amigo!

    ~ Chapin

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