Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

Right now I am in New York relaxing at my parents home until we go over to my aunts(Dad’s sister) house for Christmas dinner. After having the chance to say most of my goodbyes in NH on Monday I left and have been in NY for the Christmas holiday spending time with family and old friends before I leave. It was definitely a strange feeling to say goodbye to people in NH and I already miss some good friends there.

I’ve been enjoying the few days I have left here with friends and family but I really cannot wait to meet the rest of the guys at the airport and get on the plane on Tuesday. Our flight is scheduled for 12 hours and 20 minutes which should give us plenty of time to catch up and also do some more exact route planning. We’ll land in Santiago around 8:50AM Wednesday morning. The weather forecast for Santiago on Wednesday is mostly sunny with a high near 80 degrees. A far cry from the weather in NY right now. Cloudy and 25 degrees and the possibility for a large snow storm arriving this evening.

Chilean Pesos
Every Christmas Eve is spent with my mothers family at her sisters house. Last night I received a very cool gift from my Aunt Colleen. Along with a note written to me in a rough spanish translation she also gave me a generous gift of Chilean Pesos. It is an unbelievably thoughtful gift and it sure will be convenient to arrive in Santiago already having Chilean Pesos to use. Currently one US Dollar is equivalent to about 470 Chilean Pesos. I’m not really sure yet what this can buy but as Teddy so plainly put it last night the first round of completos is on me.



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One Response to Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas

  1. sarah caliendoooo says:

    good luck everyone!! Derek, we miss the man of our house already. we tried replacing you with a rooster but it just wasn’t the same as goofy fun Derek. Have the best trip everrr! All of ya’ll! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

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