¡Buen Viaje y Buena Suerte!

Well, it all starts today. Our bikes are boxed and our bags are packed, and after a few gut-wrenching days of good old blizzard we’re about to embark on our journey. Given the flexible nature of my 4 compañeros and I, delay wouldn’t have gotten us too down. Fortunately, however, it looks like (and knock on wood for us) everything has gotten back to normal in time for our flight (and in my case flights) to get out on time and get us on the road.

I’m hoping my packing job holds up during the tumultuous aventura that the boxes will themselves take, and I hope we arrive without issue and without anything catastrophic happening. Given these hopes, I like to expect nothing to go right, that way if anything goes right it wasn’t a bad day.

Here’s hopin…

Author’s note: Immediately after this post, I got an e-mail saying that our flight from JFK to Santiago has been delayed three and a half hours. Someone didn’t knock on wood…


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5 Responses to ¡Buen Viaje y Buena Suerte!

  1. Kate says:

    Hope Ted doesn’t mind his Old Man filling everyone in on some of the first day’s events…
    Ted, Erin, Kate, and I arrive at Logan just past 10 a.m., four hours early for his connecting flight to JFK. After a discussion between Ted (no) and airline clerk (yes) over validity of a $100 charge to ship his bike to JFK Ted wins and as we see his bike boxes disappear behind the curtain we are informed his flight to JFK has been canceled and won’t leave til (gulp) Friday. A quick trip to a baggage agent to retrieve the boxes results in a one hour wait but finally the boxes come back, newly taped and carrying a tag that they were opened for inspection. So it’s good to know they are good to go, this time into our car. Road trip to JFK as the guys’ flight is leaving JFK for Santiago at 8 p.m. Katie hops a bus back to Cape Cod while Ted, Erin, and I climb into the trusty Fusion. I share the back seat with one of the bike boxes as for lack of about two inches both packages would not fit in the trunk together. It’s around noon.

    We head out into the sunshine with high hopes of making it to JFK in time to meet up with the companeros (pardon my Spanish, I took French in high school a long time ago) as Ted gets to drive a car for the last time in what might be three months. We make good time for the most part but traffic slows to a crawl on approaching the airport. There’s a lot of snow everywhere to say the least. ’nuff said. And it looks like half the world is trying to get into the airport.

    Luckily we escape the parking lot in one piece as SUV’s try to force their way into parking spaces disguised as snow drifts. We make out way into a parking garage where there are an abundance of snowless spots, grab the bike boxes and head into the terminal with about 2 hours to spare until flight time. Phew. And there, about 100 travelers in line ahead of Ted are Dan, Zack, and Anthony, each with their bike boxes. We made it. And it looks like in plenty of time as Dan informs Ted that their flight out to Chile has been delayed indefinitely. But at least four of the five are together and Erin’s and my mission is accomplished as we got Ted together with his away-from-home-boys. Let the wild rumpus begin. Erin and I bid the boys adios and are homeward bound.

    On the way out of the airport parking area we watch a guy in a brand new Escalade try to mount a three foot high snow drift because he can’t wait to get somewhere. After about five attempts he makes it through as Erin and I can hear the cracking whatever the plastic/fiberglas material is that constitutes the vehicle’s from bumper. Oops, that’s gonna cost about a grand to fix. It takes us about an hour to get through the parking toll gate and we hit the trail home as Erin gets a call from Ted saying their flight is now scheduled to leave JFK at 12/29 at 11 a.m. They’ve circled their bike boxes for a night at the airport.

    Smooth sailing back for Erin and me as I arrive back home on Cape Cod at 2:30 a.m.

    As they say in France, bon voyage mon amis. As I said before I took French way back when:)

  2. Kate says:

    Ted called at 10:30 a.m. Derek has joined them and they are through security and waiting to board. Awesome.

  3. Kate says:

    Looks like les companeros are in the air and winging it to Santiago Chile where it is 79 degrees f.

  4. Tim Moore says:

    Good luck to you and your crew Zach!

  5. Colleen O'Connell says:

    Happy New Year to Zach, Ted, Anthony, Derek and Dan! What a way to start your New Year 🙂

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