The beginning, part dos

So, where was I? Zach, Dan and I (Ted) built our bikes and rode out of the airport triumphantly and with enthusiasm in our legs. We cruised along highway 68, which is the only direct way to Valparaiso where we were to meet up with Dan’s friend Cami and her brother and sister. Derek and Anthony took the bus to Valpo while we rode, and we picked a time and place to meet up in the city. Valparaiso (translation: go to paradise) is an incredible port city with lots of stray dogs and incredible street art. When we figure out how to post pictures, we’ll show you. We’ve had the most incredible hosts so far and seeing new cities with locals is really the only way to go. Life is so different here, everything is slow and easy going and it’s always way later than we think when we finally get out of the house. Food is incredible and cheap, and completos are truly as good as I imagined… but my goodness they like mayo here. Today we’re leaving town and heading South toward Pablo Neruda’s gravesite and then back toward Santiago, camping along the way somewhere. We’ll head into Santiago tomorrow and then start south toward Chillan and Pucon, then on south toward Osorno, Puerto Montt, and Bariloche, Argentina. What a life.




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4 Responses to The beginning, part dos

  1. Sandy Sheble-Hall says:

    Thank goodness, no mention of the 7.1…


    Hola gringos en bicicleta, esperamos que tengan un muy buen viaje a San Antonio…y que lleguen antes del anochecer. Ted (Bernardo completo O´higgins), ten cuidado con el sol en tu poto. Zach (Zacarías), sabemos que piensas en español, sólo te falta hablar más. Anthony Love, sigue repartiendo amor por Chile, eres un esclavo del amor. Dereck (Always Derek!, el clavo del sexo, el flaite chileno) sigue dando jugo y que tu negrito nazca sano y lindo. Dan (modelo europeo y hipster encubierto), siempre serás el más brígido y no les traduzcas ni una wea más a nadie para que aprendan más español.

    A todos, en Chillán retocamos sus cortes de pelo y les cortamos a Zach y Bernardo Completo O´higgins. Mua ja ja.

    Nos vemos en el Sur.

    The Zapatas más Romi.

  3. Patti Cullen says:

    Saludos desde el Norte aunque todavia mi corazon pertenece al sur, disfruten…
    un gran abrazo

  4. Kate M. says:

    Ahh sounds great! MMmmm how I ADORE completos.

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