Just a quick update here. We are here in Santiago now. We rode out of Valparaiso along the coast on Monday afternoon and camped out on a farm that night. Tuesday morning we got up and began our ride into Santiago. We traveled mostly along beautiful country roads. However, there was a mountain to pass over en route. The ascent was a loosely packed dirt road. The descent was a beautifully paved road. Total elevation gain was about 2000 feet. Here is a picture from Google maps.

In short yesterday we rode around 70 miles in pretty grueling heat but we all made it to Santiago. We´ll spend today checking out the city and we are staying in a hostel tonight. Should be hitting the road again tomorrow…


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9 Responses to Santiago

  1. Harris says:

    Radical! Look at that road! How awesome. Its cold and snowy in vermont but at least the roads are straight. But who wants straight roads anyways…. Hope youre having fun! Im so jealous!


  2. Kate says:

    That is quite a road! More fun going down! Reminds me of a road leaving from Yosemite Park. Glad to see some pictures on picplz, Ted. Thanks for posting when you can.

  3. Steve Souza says:

    I’m tired just looking at the aerial map! Looks pretty nasty. Glad the downhill trip was on pavement. Enjoy your time in Santiago…good luck and keep posting!

  4. Ron Manganiello says:

    Ellen is looking at the maps saying “wow – I can’t believe it” and I’m believing it and getting how grueling that much of a climb must have been in hot humid weather. Is it easy to find potable water along the way?

    Happy Trails

  5. Courtney says:

    Wow that looks amazing (minus the heat)! My bike looks so sad and lonely in the garage. Wish I was there!

  6. Geoff Goll says:

    That was some hill!! You’ll need disc brakes going down some of those steep ones.

  7. michelle says:

    teddo – each morning i walk into the office, i see various computer screens aglow with the famous “bicicleta abajo” website, and i just wanted you to know that. 🙂

    keep up the fun!

  8. Geoff Goll says:

    Make sure you eat lots of food with potassium…bananas. And drink lots of water. Keeps the leg cramps away.

  9. Bruce Abbott says:

    Hi Ted – Thanks for this great blog. I saw your dad today and he told me about it. I’m a musician on Cape Cod and will be very inerested in hearing your friends music when you’re able to post it. Looking forward to more news as you post. Safe journeys!

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