Central Valley

We are now traveling through Chiles Central Valley which means lots of vineyards and orchards. We camped Thursday night on a scrub brush hill behind a horse farm. At about 830 at night the local cowboys came in to corral the horses. It was quite interesting to listen to. They were out there until well after dark and by the sounds of it were having a difficult time. We got up and rode just over 80 miles yesterday through yet more farmland and met a fellow bicycle tourist Simon from the UK. Simon has been on his bike for four months now and plans on another two more. He rode the afternoon with us and we all camped along a ¨river in back of a farm. Today were having some mechanical issues and its rather hot out so I dont think well be traveling far. Weve spent a few hours in the town of Chepica working on bikes and eating. We just bought a delicious roasted chicken to make chicken, tomato and avacado sandwhiches. Tomatoes, avacados and bread have become staples already. Alright time to get a move on. Adios -Zach

*I apologize for the poor punctuation. I dont really know how to use these Chilean keyboards. .


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8 Responses to Central Valley

  1. Tim Moore says:

    Glad to hear things are going well Zach!

  2. Cathy Mangione says:

    Sounds interesting. Everyone is following your journey. Thinking of you.
    Mom and Dad

  3. Ron Manganiello says:

    Howdy cowboys,
    I’m surprised to hear that mechanical problems are cropping up so early in the trip. I assume that Dan has packed everything you might need short of a welding rig. Do let us know if you ever need anything shipped down. There’s a pretty good shop in Oaxaca.

  4. Colleen O'Connell says:

    Hi Zach: Glad to hear you are all well. You guys be sure to keep your postings coming:) And I hope you will be able to start posting photos as well. Take Care.

    Love, Aunt C

  5. Steve Souza says:

    Wow the scenery sounds beautiful! Too bad about the mechanical issues, but the chicken and avocado sandwiches sound great! I’ve emailed your link to a number of people at work and they are following along. Everyone was really impressed with the steep ride out of Valparaiso. Be careful and have fun…Love Dad

  6. John Mastroianni says:

    Loving the updates.
    Continue being safe my man.

  7. tara hostnik says:

    i hope you make a point to stop by some vineyards and drink some wine…maybe ship me some?? wish i was with you guys! -tara

  8. Geri Canny says:

    Hey babe! How are you doing? Wish I had the chance to say goodbye! Looks like you are doing very well. Stay safe.


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