A thousand miles…

Hey all,

Quick post for now. We’re about to pass a thousand miles for the trip and have done it in under a month. We’re currently in Castro, the capital of the island of Chiloe. We’re a couple days away from the Carreterra Austral and the heart of our trip. We stayed in a nice hospedaje last night for Zach’s birthday and are about to get on the road again. We’ve been riding for 10 days straight and will likely try to find a cool camp spot to take a day off soon before we hit the Carreterra. We’ve started seeing some more bicycle tourists, but remain quite the sight to see rolling through town. We get friendly honks from cars passing on the road, waves from nearly everybody we see on foot while riding, and are constantly approached when stopped in public places. We’re sorry for the delays in posting, but the sim cards available here don’t exactly facilitate internet or international calls, so we’re stuck using internet cafes when we see them. We’re all safe and well, and have been eating copious amounts of food to fuel ourselves. Some day down the road, I’d love to make a post about Chilean cuisine and how absurd it is.

For now, here’s a youtube video of our friend Pía Zapata singing one of her original tunes in the final round of the contest she recently won…




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One Response to A thousand miles…

  1. michelle says:

    ted, we were in our team meeting when this was posted. the email came to some of our phones, and peggi announced it to the group. whooooo! good job, guys!

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