I’m just gonna leave this here…

We’re in Cochrane, Chile, over halfway done with the stretch of the Carretera Austral that we’re riding. Here’s just a glimpse of what we’re having to deal with…

We’re safe and loving it, we miss you all, and hope you’re all well. In a few weeks you’ll see what we’ve come through…


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8 Responses to I’m just gonna leave this here…

  1. Kate says:

    That is a stupendous view. Glad to see you’re still cycling away :). Do you have to go over those hills/mountains??

  2. Amy Mangione says:

    Glad to hear that you are all still “safe and loving it.” All those little triumphs are what make the adventure worth it. Continue to be safe and enjoy every wonderful (and terrible) minute!!

  3. Marilyn Mojica says:

    Hola Ted
    Te extrano mucho, cuidate y disfruta tu Aventura.


  4. Gretchen says:

    Totally beautiful! So glad the trip is as wonderful as you anticipated!

  5. Pam & Dave Smith says:

    Great views. Glad to hear you are safe after the earthquake.

  6. carmen gutierrez says:

    Hola, espero estén bien, se les extraña por acá, por lo visto les ha tocado buen tiempo, espero pronto se comuniquen, ya que el saber de ustedes nos alegra, linda foto camino a Cochrane, bueno esperamos mas fotos, ya que aun les queda mucho por ver y disfrutar las maravillas de nuestra tierra, un abrazo grande para los cuatro, estaremos atentas al blog.


  7. jenn kerns says:

    bad ass you guys!!!

  8. katy perry says:

    keep on rocking it, wow and wow.

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