Santiago > Valparaiso > Ushuaia > Buenos Aires > ??
The map below is a rough estimate of our route.

Date From/To Distance Time Avg. Speed
12/29 NY,NY/Santiago 5114mi 12hrs20mins 415mph
12/30 Santiago/Valparaiso 42mi and a long hitch Too many hours mas lento
1/3 Valparaiso/Casablanca 40mi
1/4 Casablanca/Santiago 70mi
1/6 Santiago/Rancagua 72.25mi
1/7 Rancagua/Nancagua 81.22mi
1/8 Nancagua/Molina 52.85mi
1/9 Molina/San Javier 80.08mi 5hr40m 14.1mph
1/10 San Javier/Quirihue 80.85mi 6hr2m 13.3mph
1/18 Temuco/Almagro 34.35mi 2hr56m 11.6mph
1/19 Almagro/San Jose 43.5mi 3hr58m 10.9mph
1/20 San Jose 53mi 3hr53m 13.5mph
1/21 Valdivia 35.88mi 2hr23m 14.9mph
1/22 Valdivia/La Union 57.20mi 4hr35m 12.4mph
1/23 La Union/Pichlu 37.49mi 3hr14m 11.5mph
1/24 Pichlu/Puerto Varas 58.19mi 4hr46m 12.2mph
1/25 Puerto Varas/Chacao 54.41mi 4hr21m 12.4mph
1/26 Chacao/Quemchi 53mi 3hr53m 13.5mph
1/27 Quemchi/Castro 39.22mi 2hr43m 14.3mph
1/28 Castro/? 20.77mi 1hr59m 10.4mph

One Response to Map/Route

  1. Kate says:

    Soon you will all be sitting on the plane in NY, together, and ready to go!

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