Who We Are


I’m Anthony Locicero, I am a chronic bike geek and a skinny fat kid. Bicycle touring is one of my favorite forms of travel- slow enough to stop wherever you like and enjoy the landscape, but fast enough to cover some ground if you want to. I write and take photographs, so I expect I’ll be contributing some words and images to this site as well as my own blog, Anthonywanderedaway. During this trip I hope to habla some espanol, find the local equivalent of donuts and eat a bunch of them, and give high-fives while riding my bike.
I ride a Surly bike that has taken me around Vermont, Pennsylvania, Canada, the midwest, Utah, and Colorado. My bike has a sticker that says “awesome,” one that says “QUIT YOUR JOB,” and one that says “Wheeeee!!” They pretty much sum up my philosophy on life.


Hey Folks. My name is Zach Mangione. When not pushing pedals through South America I call the town of Bethlehem in northern New Hampshire home. There I try to take full advantage of living within the White Mountains by enjoying as much time outdoors as possible. During the spring, summer and fall I work and live on a small organic farm called Meadowstone Farm. Once the farm is closed up and put away for winter I join the ranks on Cannon Mountain Ski Patrol. I also volunteer with the Franconia Ambulance Service and the Pemi Valley Search and Rescue. This will be my first full bicycle tour. I’m very excited to experience the culture and geography of South America. I think the pace of travel as well as the physical challenge makes bicycling an ideal way to travel. As part of my trip I am raising money to support the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country(ASPNC) located in Easton, New Hampshire.


Hi everybody, my name is Ted Berg. I grew up in North Eastham, on Cape Cod, and have since spent time in Burlington, VT, Rural Maine, Philadelphia, PA, and now Boston, MA. I’ve worked at three different bike shops, Idle Times Bike Shop in North Eastham, MA, Wissahickon Cyclery in NW Philadelphia, PA and The Old Spokes Home in Burlington, VT. I now live in Somerville, MA and commute (by bike) to work at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) daily, where I’m a full-time special services case manager. This is the first trip of this magnitude for me, but certainly not the first miles on my Surly Long Haul Trucker. I’m hoping to work on my Spanish and have an enlightening intercultural experience. If anyone wishes to show support for me and my trip, I’m raising money to support BHCHP in return for their incredible support of me undertaking this journey with 4 great friends. Click here to donate to BHCHP.

“I want to see movies of my dreams…”
–Doug Martsch


Hey everyone, My name is Derek Souza. I grew up in Ringoes, NJ, yeah Ringoes is a real town, and no its not named after Ringo Starr. I went to Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT where I met the rest of my amigos ciclistas. Since graduating, I have been living in Burlington, Vermont working for AmeriCorps and Church St.’s favorite deli, the Red Onion. This is my first serious bike journey. I have done short stints biking to Canada and in Japan. I can’t wait to get on the road, pick up a sweet sun tan, and eat a lot of Chilean hotdogs….also meet new amazing people……..I will be riding an’ old converted Trek mountain bike courtesy of Dan Hock, Bike Recycle VT, and Old Spokes Home. (THANKS)

As I am riding my bike, I will be taking donations for the non-profit that I served as an AmeriCorps, Champlain Valley Agency on Aging (CVAA). CVAA provides senior citizens in VT, meals on wheels, case management, healthy aging programs, and volunteers. Thanks everyone for your support and I am looking forward to your comments along the way!

Click here to visit my fundraising page.

You have to go there- to the edge of the world. There’s something you can’t do unless you get there.”
Haruki Murakami – Kafka on the Shore


Hey all, my name is Daniel Hock. I was born and bred in Byram, New Jersey. Even though I’ve been calling Burlington, Vermont home for the past six years, Jersey is near and dear to my heart! Like several of mi companeros, I came to know Vermont by way of Saint Michael’s College. After graduating with a degree in Political Science in May 2009, I decided to stick around and spent a year serving as an Americorps VISTA. For the year, I worked at Bike Recycle Vermont (BRV), a local nonprofit dedicated to providing sustainable, affordable transportation to low-income Vermonters and New Americans. While on the road, I will be fund raising for BRV, so that the can keep more people pedaling. If you are interested in making a donation click on this link. If you are looking to make a different donation amount send an email over to Todd@localmotion.org. Apart from my time at BRV, I spent a few years working at The Old Spokes Home. In my biased opinion, one of the coolest bike shops around. If you are in the Burlington area, definitely pay the shop a visit. Ask G-money for the 5 cent tour of the museum, you won’t regret it!

Unlike the rest of the crew, this will be a return trip to Chile. During the spring semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Santiago de Chile. I also got a chance to spend some time in la Patagonia Chilena while doing an independent study. While in Patagonia, I ate la calafate, a small berry native to the region; and as legend states, he who eats la Calafate will one day return. I can only hope that the Patagonia welcomes me back with some delicious Dolbek beer and a raging tailwind. Vamanos, pedaleando hasta cuando!

Al Gore asks us to change the light bulbs because he probably can’t imagine us doing anything much more challenging, like, say, growing some portion of our own food. We can’t imagine it, either, which is probably why we prefer to cross our fingers and talk about the promise of ethanol and nuclear power — new liquids and electrons to power the same old cars and houses and lives. 

–Michael Pollan


4 Responses to Who We Are

  1. Andrew Graham says:

    Way to go dudes! I hope you have a great time. Post photos if possible. Here are some web articles to remind you where you’re coming from. Peace, Andrew

  2. Gina says:

    Hey Dan & Derek (and the other guys I don’t know:)

    Good luck! I think your trip is the most awesome concept ever…besides bikes in general. I will do my group rides for Rutgers in sweet central Jers and think about how much fun you guys will be having, and all the awesome stuff you’ll see! Hopefully get to see you when you come back, I’ll just butt in on your time with Tom, he misses you both terribly, it’s very sad. So hurry back!


  3. Sherry Pachman says:

    !Saludos y ánimo! !Que se diviertan mucho!
    de Sherry, amiga de Dan
    Starksboro, VT/St. Michael’s College/The Decade

  4. Angela says:

    Cool! I like it all.

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